Melville Bay

Fitz Gerald Rock, Booth Sound



getting into Wolstenholm Fjord



Moriusaq, closed down village






Moriusaq, shore line



Moriusaq, our home for one night



Interessting! Moriusaq









Mining company "Dundas Titanium" camp in Moriusaq



"Dundas Titanium" machines



very nice guys from "Dundas Titanium"



the old settlement Natsilivik






old houses at Natsilivik



the meat rock at Natsilivik



people have been living her for 1000's of years! Natsilivik. Check out this story!



fascinating rock!






Qaanaaq from seaside!






Qaanaaq shore line



the new pier in Qaanaaq






the beach in Qaanaaq



Qaanaaq church



Qaanaaq main road



Qaanaaq police office



Qaanaaq street



locals got two seals



Qaanaaq beach camp



Qaanaaq beach life









Qaanaaq heavy stuff!



Qaanaaq pump



trying to sell our boat






Qaanaaq beach life






morning in the tent



fixing some lines



local pirates!



foreign pirate



a trip in to Inglefield Bredningen






Qerqertat, 20 people are living here






Inglefield Bredningen






Josephine Peary Island - Hart Glacier in background, Inglefield Bredningen



a cabin!



Tracy Glacier and Josephine Peary Island in the background















Hart Glacier



inside the cabin at Hart Glacier









Kangerluarsuq. Robert Peary went to Indepence Fjord from here



old house from the 60's






the mountains East of Qaanaaq




locals in Qaanaaq in the evening



football court in Qaanaaq



at the beach in Qaanaaq



Siorapaluk, the northern most civil village in Greenland



the famous beach in Siorapaluk



mainly walrus and muskox, Siorapaluk



exchanged some stuff in Siorapaluk






crossing over from Siorapaluk to Herbert Ø, Qerqertatsuaq



on the further most North point on this trip: looking North in to Kennedy Channel, Smith Sound






old houses in the closed village Qerqertatsuaq















the old church in Qerqertatsuaq




inside the old church in Qerqertatsuaq








very nice sled in Qerqertatsuaq!



snow machine



morning in the old shop






the old shop in Qerqertatsuaq









the last habour on our trip, Qerqertatsuaq



Celebrating that our Poca 500 is sold



last days in Qaanaaq



our tent in Qaanaaq









Qaanaaq airport in the background



Milalik on the way to the airport



Qaanaaq area from the air



Melville Bay from the air. A lot of known places for us now...



Melville Bay from the air






Kullorsuaq from the air, Milalik's homeplace


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