Natsilivik, North Greenland

In 1916 Knud Rasmussen visited the smal settlement Natsilivik in Barden Bugt, Hvalsund on his 2. Thule Expedition.

Here a little story from him Bolterdalen


Knud Rasmussen:

"Natsilivik is a little settlement with three houses. Heart space is the reason all of us get a roof over our heads. We are 15 men in each house, and that is confusing the first hours. The dogs are tied up out on the ice; tents are sat up for making coffee on buzzing primuses; while the dogs get their food from the overfilled meat depots.
I decided to make a morning visit at Iterfiluks house, that lays 15 min walk from the others. Iterfiluk is a chatty widow, about 50 years old, and a good friend of mine. During winter she's often been in Thule to sew footwear for the expedition members.
Her house is also filled up with travelers, and while her guests are sleeping, she is sitting stark naked beside her blubber lamp, as one of the holy virgins, watching over the cozy light so it doesn´t extinguish. Up here it's considered a shame if the guests of the house would wake up cold with an extinguished blubber lamp. I also have to follow the customs of this country and throw my clothes off, push myself in between Iterfiluk and her friend, the fat Kiajuk, who is carrying the same paradise costume as the hostess. I was talking with her for a long time, until tiredness and the atmosphere of the house forced me to turn around and lay down between the other guest and let consciousness roll away."

7. April 1916