Melville Bay

Melville Bay means: Ice, Ice, (baby)!




collecting fresh water



we tried to keep 20-23 knots in between the ice in Melville Bay




































Melville Monument



Melville Monument



Melville Monument, 332m






Melville Monument seen from Sentinell satellite




Kivioq Habour



Kivioq, Ice cap in background



from Kivioq towards north



Kivioq towards south



Cape Walker-Nussuaq glacier



Ice in Melville Bay seen from Cape Walker



Kivioq, Cape Walker. Life in the ice



Kivioq Havn. Our boat down in the habour, Cape Walker Nussuaq in background



Camp on the rock without tent. Cape Walker land in background



The famous Poca 500



Cape Walker Land



sleeping on the rocks, Kivioq Havn



morning on the rocks, Kivioq Havn



Kivioq Haven and Cape Walker Land seen from satellite



ice and rocks



Kløfte Ø



in nice style going further north



Melville Queen









Navllortoq, Cape Melville



the north side of Melville Bay







evening sun



Mattak from Kullorsuaq







a Melville Bayer



two Melville Bayers



area seen from satellite



local fog arround ice bergs






Mox & Polarbear skinn, Savissivik






streetwalk with dog in Savissivik



sled detail, Savissivik






habour & dump, Savissivik



Savissivik from sea side



camp site in Savissivik












satellite disk & 2G mobil antenna, Savissivik



nice equipment, Savissivik









morning in Savissivik



Fitz Gerald Rock, Booth Sound



leaving Fitz Gerald Rock, Booth Sound for Thule