Disko Bay








selfie out of Ilulissat



The city of Ilulissat, Disko Bay in background



Ilulissat and Disko Bay



Ilulissat - the old church



Knud & Stefan



Ilulissat habour



The boat we bought is still on top of the container



"Poca 500" ready mounted and on the way to sea water



out home the next 5 weeks





our stuff, about 100 kg brought from Norway



trouble with the Suzuki 70 HK, - so we had to sleep in the habour waiting for a new engine the day after, Ilulissat



finaly ready to get North



East side of Disko Bay, near Røde Bay village



our first camp site



the sun in the North









boat parking



the village "Saqqaq", Disko Island in background



Saqqaq habour









leaving Saqqaq towards NW



nice beach west from Saqqaq






tent diary writing



some trouble with ice in the boat lines



ready to drive the long way out in Vaigat



Vaigat, Disko Island in background



Vaigat in nice style



2000 m high Vaigat mountains